Leg Day/ Full Calisthenic Burn


Hello there! First off, what is “calisthenic”? These are exercises that don’t rely on anything but a person’s own body weight. Pretty cool, right?

Well today we’re doing a quick, intense calisthenic leg workout. It’s all about contracting your leg muscles and holding them in that contraction. The more you hold your muscles in a contraction, the more you’re producing what’s called “growth hormone”. This is great because it helps with fat burning when you go to sleep.

We’ll be playing with the “planes of body movement” in each exercise. This way you hit different muscles. Remember to keep your abs engaged, always, to help you keep your balance.

You’ll have 30 seconds in between each set (you might hate me for this but I promise it’ll be worth it!)

Exercise Breakdown (for visuals on all these, check out the You Tube video here):

1. Forward/Reverse (Duck Walk)

30 Sec Break

2. Lateral Shuffle

30 Sec Break

3. 45 Degree Reverse Lunge

30 Sec Break

4. Modified 5-Second Squat


Repeat 3-4 times.

Enjoy! And come back soon for more workouts, recipes, tips and tricks!

Your friend,
Carlos Thomas Fenwick
ThetaGold Fitness – “The New Gold Standard in Fitness”


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