Suggested Foods to Eat When Doing Healthy Keto – Part 2

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Part 2: The Right Kind of Protein

The Ketogenic Diet places great emphasis on healthy fats as the main part of your diet. The simplest way to put it is high fat, high protein, and low carb.

Here’s some suggestions when choosing the right kind of proteins.

Healthy Protein

Healthy proteins in a ketogenic diet can include fatty cuts of meat as long as they come from healthy animals. Since the ketogenic diet leans towards fats and proteins, the quality of this diet is very important.

Studies have shown that animals (and humans) store toxins in fat cells. The term bioaccumulation means that as you go up the food chain, you will see toxins build up in the body’s fatty tissues. Some chemicals and elements (such as mercury in large fish species) pass from prey to predator. This also applies to humans. If you eat animals that have accumulated toxic loads during their lifetime, you will get these loads by eating them.

Quality organic livestock (pasture-fed or pasture-fed), chicken, and eggs top the ketogenic diet list. Wild fish and small fish are also good sources of protein on a ketogenic diet.


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